Encyclopedia of parasites

List of the main parasites

Bedbug – Carpenter antCarpet beetleWhite wormRaccoon – Mouse – RatGerman cockroach – American cockroach – SilverfishWaspSpiderPavement antIndian meal mothBrown flour beetleDrosophila – Flea beetle – SquirrelAttagene of the carpetsBeeThe beetleWoodlouseBat – MouseAsian ladybug – Pharaoh ant – GroundhogTextile moth – Leaf beetle – SkunkFleaTick – Larder beetle – HornetCricket – Pigeon – Mill beetleEarwigSerrated grain beetleCentipede

Before spending money on a treatment, it is important to identify the problem.

This short list will help you identify the most common insects and animals associated with problems in Quebec. Try to identify your pest with this list and if you still can’t, send us a detailed picture and we will help you with it.

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The earwig

The black gossamer ant is a colony-dwelling insect.Most are black, but one variety is black and red.There are several hundred to several thousand individuals in

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Flattened oval body without wings and measure 4 to 7 mm long.of brilliant brownish color, they inflate after a meal of blood and then take

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Pharaoh ant

The workers measure between 1.5 and 2 mm.their color varies from golden to reddish brown.their abdomen, is generally darker than the rest of the body.the

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The White Worm

They are the larvae that cause damage to lawns. Signs of their presence are uneven patches of yellowed or dead grass that can easily fall

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The raccoon

It is easy to distinguish the Raccoon from other animals by its white and black ringed tail, as well as by its very characteristic black

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The mouse

The mouse is distinguished by its small eyes and small legs.It weighs between 30g and 45g (1 ½ oz).Its body measures from 6 cm to

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The rat

The Norway rat, also known as the grey rat or sewer rat, measures about 46 cm from the tip of its snout to the tip

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The German cockroach

The German cockroach is the smallest and most common of the cockroaches found in Canada.It is also called cockroach, roach or cockroach.It can measure 11

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The American cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest of the cockroaches found in Canada.it can measure up to 38 mm long.it is brown, a little reddish and

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