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Pest problem? You can trust us.

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Extermination of parasites

You have a problem with a pest? Trust us, we’ll fix it!

Commercial Extermination

Insect or rodent problem in a commercial space? Don’t wait and deal with the experts.

On-site inspection

First, you can try to identify your problem by consulting our encyclopedia of parasites found in Quebec.

Who are we?

We are a pest control company dedicated to applying modern, scientific solutions to contemporary pest control problems. We offer low cost extermination services that cover any problem you may encounter. We have over 25 years of experience and a 100% efficiency rate. We take care of your problems as if they were our own.

Human approach

We will guide you at all times and we will never lie to you.

Results Oriented

We wouldn’t offer these guarantees if we weren’t 100% effective.

Low price

You pay the best price guaranteed and get a worry-free warranty!

You get the best price, guaranteed!

When you get a quote from our company, we always consider the best prices available on the market, but if you get a better deal and you want to work with us, tell us the amount of your bid with the job description and we will not only match the price, but we will BEAT IT BY 10%!

Often, other companies come to your house and spray insecticides and put products on without enlightening you too much about what they are doing and they tell you to trust them. Unfortunately, very often, when the price was too good to be true, the products used were not strong enough and your problem did not get fixed. So you end up in the same situation you were in a few weeks before and we want to avoid these disasters.

We have all the required government licenses, liability insurance and we always give you paperwork that mentions the products used and detailed instructions to guide you in preparing for the treatments.

Our technicians are experts and they are paid on commission… This means a lot to you, the client, because they are needed to do an fantastic job, get great results and a good evaluation by you to get a good pay check. 🙂 /> This assures you that every contract we take is taken as seriously as if it were for our own home. We always follow up on our treatments with our clients and make sure they are satisfied with our services.</p>
<p>Our work is personalized and we guarantee that if we commit to fixing your problem, we will fix it no matter how much effort it takes!</p>
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You can trust us. Call us!

Online Quote

Pest problem? Trust us.

Montreal Rive-Sud Rive-Nord