Light brown to black Appendix lighter than the rest of the body. About 3-4 mm long. Parallel lines on the head and thorax. Antennae with 12 segments. It moves slowly.

Latin Name: Tetramorium Caespitum

Description:Light brown to blackAppendix lighter than the rest of the bodyAbout 3-4 mm longParallel lines on the head and thorax12-segmented antennae.She moves slowly

Reproduction:The queen produces 5 to 20 eggs per dayThe larva develops in about 40 daysShe goes through three stages before becoming an adult. 

Habits: It is omnivorous; it feeds on many different foods, but prefers fatty and sweet foods.It invades homes in search of food; nests outdoors under rocks,on the edge of sidewalks and in cracks in the pavement;may nest indoors in walls and under floors. It is this habit of nesting between slabs that gave it its name and is also what causes the most problems.  Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done except to treat the area to reduce the ant population.These treatments must be administered by specialists to ensure that all sources of infestation are treated.